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Teddy Bear Quilt

Fabric Requirements for Blue / Faun version

Teddy Bear Fabric – enough to cut out 10 teddies

3 Faun Fabrics 5” of each – cut into 5” squares

3 Blue Fabrics 5” of each – cut into 5” squares

12” (30cm) of Faun fabric for 1st border  - cut into 4 strips of 2 ½” wide

16” (40cm) of Blue fabric for 2nd border - cut into 3“ wide strips

4 meters of co-ordinating bias binding or 10” (27cm) of Blue fabric to make binding


1.       Fussy Cut 10 teddy bears from fabric into 5” square.

2.       Cut faun and blue fabrics into 5” squares. You will need 30 squares in total.

3.       Arrange in a pleasing pattern. 5 rows across and 6 rows down.

4.       Sew your five 5” squares to form a strip, then sew the other rows together to make a total of 6 strips.

5.       Press your seams alternating each row from left to right so that when you sew the rows together the seams will butt together neatly.

6.       Press the centre block back and front.

7.       Sew first boarder on either side of quilt block.

8.       Then sew the border to top and bottom of the quilt block.

9.        Repeat and sewing of the 2nd boarder in the same order.

10.   Press quilt top ready for quilting.

Quilt as desired.
Bind using 25mm bias binding.
For Pink version subsitiute the Faun Fabric for Striped and Patterned fabric and the Blue Fabric for Pale and Bright Pink Fabrics
To Purchase the Kit go to our website www.bellapatchwork.com.au or call the shop on 02 6361 3399.
Kit comes as a Blue / Faun colour way or a Pink/ Lime colour way.

Post and Rail Quilt
Finished size: 120cm x 140cm

You will need
4 main fabrics: allow 35cm of each colour
1st border cut 1 ½”:allow 20cm
2nd border cut 6 ½”:allow 1.1m
Binding cut 2 ½” you will need 6 strips: allow 40cm
1. Cut the 4 main colours into 2 ½” strips across the bolt
2. Arrange your fabrics into a pleasing colour arrangement. The 1st and 4thcolours will form a continuous colour flow through the quilt.
3. Sew 4 strips together.
4. Press seams in one direction.
5. Measure the depth of the 4 strips after sewing and pressing. They should be 8 ½”.
6. Cross cut the strip sets into squares measuring 8 ½”. If your strip sets measure larger or smaller, cross cut to that measurement.

Diagram a)

8 1/2 “

7. Line your strip sets up on your cutting mat, making sure your top and bottom fabrics are parallel. To do this, use your cutting mat.
If your strip set is going to go above or below the line, you will need to do a correction cut to ensure each block is square.
Diagram 1
Strips are sinking below the line on the mat

Align the strip set onto the line on your cutting mat and cut a small wedge either at the right hand side or the left hand side.
8. Arrange your blocks and ensure the same colours appear in the same position each time, alternating the blocks as seem below.

9. Diagram 2

10. Sew 5 blocks together. The 1st and 3rdrows will be the same, and rows 2 and 4 will be the same. Diag. 2

11. Sew rows together 5 blocks x 4 rows.

12. 1st boarder: cut 4 strips 1 ½” across the bolt (110cm across) sew long sides first and then shorter sides next.

13. 2nd border: cut 6 strips across the full width of fabric, 110cm into 6 ½”. Sew second border the same as the first. Sew the long sides first and then the shorter sides next.

14. Pin Quilt sandwich together on a flat surface. I use brass bent safety pins because they don’t rust.

15. Cut 6 strips for binding. Join into one continuous strip and iron in half. Sew to quilt, mitring the corners as you go.

Congratulations on making this versatile quilt
which can be made into any size
This design can be purchased in Kit form with pattern included on our webpage www.bellapatchwork.com.au
The Kit comes in three colour ways Ecru (pictured left), Turquoise and Tangerine (pictured above)

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