Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Elizabeth Jefferson's Coverlet

Over the last 6 months we have been very lucky to have Anne Sommerlad come from the mountains and teach at Bella very month. The class participants were very taken with her miniature quilts featuring 2.5 inch blocks and even down to 1.5 inches finished blocks of sewing machines, baskets, houses and much more.
Anne came across a picture of Elizabeth Jefferson's Coverlet in an old book from the 1950s.The picture was in black and white and Anne photocopied and enlarged the photo to a size where she could redraft the pattern, and with the help of EQuilter softwhere she has turned a small photo into an amazing quilt, which was originally made by a 10 year old in 1811.
The coverlet is well over 2 metres and has 8 borders, and Anne has chosen reproduction colours and fabrics in her sample.
This project will start at Bella on the 8th of April and will continue on the 2nd Friday of every month throughout the year. Anne's other quilts are also available to do at the same time and I have patterns for most of these.
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If you would like a look at her quilt follow this link to her homepage

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