Saturday, 16 April 2011

The broken wrist, or how to get people to cut their own fabric

I fell into the church yard. No, I was 't going to church. I was walking to work and I caught my toe on the uneaven footpath. Down I went. Face down into lawn, hitting my arm and elbow on a brick fence in the process. I rolled back and just sat for a few minutes to collect my thoughts, then noticed 3 people walking my way. Suddenly I became invisible, and remained invisible beccause they kept on walking. On closer inspection, my wrist started to swell. I'm thinking ,I've never broken anything, only a fingernail. Anyway, thats enough about that.
Luckily, ladies shopping in a fabric shop usually know how to cut fabric. So now I have enlisted their help, and I have taught others to use the till. Something I should have done a long time ago.
This week I've designed a table ctoth and I'm cutting it out one handed. Keep an eye open for the new pattern and sample on the web and facebook.


  1. Hello there you poor thing ! I hope your wrist is healing well . I'm going to follow your blog so I know how you are getting on .

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